The Fast Food Bandit’s

Fast Food

Fast Food (Photo credit: SteFou!)

There is only one good reason to levy a tax, and that’s to raise money. A tax used for any other reason is corruption, and shouldn’t be allowed.Taxes are used for social engineering though, they use taxes to persuade people to get married, but houses, and to discourage people from smoking, and drinking. While smoking and drinking are indeed damaging things people shouldn’t do excessively, its not the government’s job to tell us what we can, and can not put into our body. Tax laws aren’t the topic of this blog entry, I will get to the problems I have with the american tax system later. My topic tonight is fast food. There has been an outcry from certain people to tax fast food and soda heavily to deter people from using i. Along with that people want to limit the sizes of sodas that can be sold at convenience stores. As usual, this is a another case of people trying to force their ideals onto someone else

Besides the whole problem with the government using taxes to force people to bend to their will, which is corruption at its finest, there are also many other issues I have with taxing fast food.

In america, we don’t like to take blame, if something goes wrong, it is some big corporations fault. Gun violence is high, lets blame the gun industry. There is a obesity problem, clearly its the food industries fault. It cant be our fault, the people buying the food and putting in out mouth. Many people say that the fast food industry uses extra things to make their food addictive so people keep coming back. That’s just a fancy way of them saying, people keep eating fast food because it tastes good. Yes the fast food uses extra things, like salt and grease, to make their food taste better. That is kind of the point of a restaurant, to make good food. People want to punish the fast food industry with taxes, fines, and restricting laws because they are too good at making food. Here is some advice, if you don’t like food, don’t eat the damn food. Take some responsibility for once in your life. No one is forcing you to eat this food, so you can stop at anytime. Blaming others for our problems has become an American pastime. It can never be our fault, we are all victims of the big bad corporations and we have no choice. I bet most people don’t even know that there is a low fat, healthy section on fast food menus. people don’t order from it though, because they don’t taste as good as the normal menu. The sooner we take responsibility for ourselves, and stop selfishly waiting for the government to step in and help us with every little problem we have, problems like this will continue to pop up.

What is even worse, is that this crusade against fast food isn’t even led by the people who live the unhealthy lifestyles. Its led by people who pretend to be experts that say fast food is horrible and families shouldn’t eat it. Who the hell do they think they are? Nothing pisses me off more than people who think they know what is best for other people. If I am hungry, and I am short on time and need to get fast food, then I have every right to do that. Last time I checked I am responsible for my own body. I make decisions for myself. I know it is unhealthy for me, and with that knowledge I try not to eat it to often. But as a college student on a minimum wage budget, I don’t always have options. Again. it comes back to taking responsibility for ourselves.

This all comes back to the fact that the Government shouldn’t have a say about what we do, as long as what we do doesn’t hurt anyone. People like to throw facts out about how bad fast food is, and to be fair, most of the stats are true. I am not going to lie to you, fast food is very unhealthy. Its fatty, full of sodium, and though isn’t solely to blame, does have a part in the modern day obesity problem. Everyone knows how bad fast food is for you, its not like McDonald’s is lying to us and saying their food is healthy, well at least they aren’t anymore. That is not the problem though. The problem is that it shouldn’t be the governments job to make sure we eat right. It shouldn’t be the Government’s job to make sure we take care of ourselves at all. What is next, is the government going to give tax breaks for people who exercise? Where in the constitution does it say its the governments job to nurture it’s people and make sure they are doing the right thing? Oh yeah, it doesn’t say that any where. It isn’t the government’s job to watch out for our health. Stay out of our business  and do your actual job. I dont see you attacking Wall Street when they instruct people to make bad investments, something that actually can hurt others, but people eat too many cheeseburgers and you step in? What a load of crap.


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