Just like in my last post, I do not personally use call girls. Though I see now reason why prostitution should be illegal. The argument against it has two main sides.

Religious activists say it is immoral and the government should ban immoral things. These are the same people fighting against gay marriage. There is one man problem with this argument, its that thing called the Bill of Rights, mainly the first amendment.

 “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….”

See our founding fathers wanted religion to be completely separate from the state. Meaning they can not hinder, or aid religions  That means no matter what your holy book says about prostitution, it can have no impact on the laws the government puts in place. So the whole immoral argument against prostitution holds no ground. We aren’t all religious  and you cant stop people from doing something just because you think it is immoral. The government should not be in the business of telling us what is and is not moral. Laws should protect people, and just like drugs, prostitution is a victim-less crime. Rape is a crime, Arson is a crime, these things are a direct assault on another person. Prostitution is not, provided it is in a safe environment, nobody is hurt in an act of prostitution. As for all you religious activists. Who are you to tell people what they can and can not do? If you want to say its wrong during mass, and call people sinners, that’s fine. But you cant actually try to punish people, by law, for committing a sin. This isn’t the stone age where you could stone people you broke the word of God. Shut your mouth and just be comforted by the fact if you are right, all us sinners will go to hell.

The other argument comes from feminists. Feminists are split on this issue. Some support prostitution, saying women have a right to use their body the way they want to, which I agree with. The other half of feminists are anti prostitution, and they have a few reasons why they think prostitution should be illegal. One they say prostitution is degrading to women. This argument doesn’t make sense, at least not in America. Women aren’t forced into prostitution, many choose to become one voluntarily. If a women makes a choice, under her own power to be something, then you can not tell her not to do that. Its the same thing as what religions try to do, they try to force their ideals, their morals, onto other people. If a women wants to use HER BODY to do something, not a single person in the world as the right to tell her otherwise. If she wants to have sex with others as a means to make a living, that should be her right. If two, consenting adults want to have sex for money, and it brings no harm to anyone else, how is that a crime?  Just because you think its degrading to women doesn’t mean she has to think the same. The arrogance in that thought is on another level, and probably hurts the feminist movement.

The other problem feminists have with prostitution is that it is dangerous, and many call girls are abused and raped. This is true, prostitutes get assaulted  robbed, and even raped every day and they cant go to the cops because they will be arrested for prostitution if they tell anyone. Read that last part again, they cant go to the cops because what they do for a living is illegal. Therein lies the problem, anything you do that’s illegal is going to be dangerous. Scumbags know this, they know these women cant go the the police out of fear of being arrested. If prostitution was legal, and done in a controlled space, the issue is solved.

In certain parts of Nevada, prostitution is already legal. Man can go to cat houses  and have sex with women for a price. It is in a controlled environment. Checks are done to make sure the men, and the women, do not have any STD’s. There is a gate around the building to protect the call girls. The job is just as safe as working at a Wal-Mart, even safer because Wal-Mart’s don’t have gates and metal detectors. Girls are going to turn to prostitution whether its illegal or not, so why not legalize and at least make it safe for them. Its the right thing to do.  Everything that is illegal has always been dangerous. When alcohol was banned, buying and selling alcohol was as dangerous as selling sex is now. Now that it is legal, no one ever gets hot for selling beer anymore. Its the nature of something that is banned to be dangerous. By prohibiting something, it allows an illegal market to be formed, and this brings the real scumbags out. Pimps abuse their workforce. Steal their money, beat them, and often rape them. If prostitution was legal, and controlled, pimp’s wouldn’t exist, and the women would be in no greater danger of being assaulted then what she normally is.

One last thing. I put no stats on this article because the stats used are often complete bullshit. Both sides throw out general stats about rape. People on the pro prostitution side show stats about how rape has slowly gone down in Nevada and Amsterdam since prostitution is legalized. The problem is the other side has stats to the contrary. Causation is NOT correlation. These stats could be explained by any number of reasons.

Oh yeah, and just like with drugs, America wastes Billions of dollars arresting and jailing prostitutes and the men who use them. Again, using taxpayer money fighting a victim-less crime because Americans like to force their morals onto other people. It makes me sick.


6 thoughts on “Prostitution

  1. ziarabo2013 says:

    Hello, I really enjoyed reading this post about prostitution. I am currently working on a project about it and I am constantly researching the many sides to it. A flaw that I noticed on your argument was that feminists think that prostitution is degrading to women. I think you should do more research on the feminists points of views. So far I know about two types, liberal and radical feminists. One supports it and the other one thinks of it, as you said, degrading to women.

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  3. justsaying says:

    You say that, “prostitutes are getting assaulted robbed, and even raped every day and they can’t go to the cops,” but i say that if they had better pimps this wouldn’t happen. Also on a completely separate, less serious note, you forgot the “comma” between assaulted and robbed.

  4. Have religious and feminists so power over the government? Or is the government using moralist reasons to defend its own agenda?

    I mean, I think as u that the reasonable would be that prostitution would be legalized and regulated. It seems that it would bring many benefits. Prostitutes could ask cops for help, ending violence from some johns; Govt could tax their income earning more money; venereal diseases controls could bemandatory to protect public health… but this is not done. Why?

    Main difference between me and you and many other ppl that talk about prostitution is that I live it. I’m a long-term punter from Spain and I know why this happens. Let me explain you. But first I want u to check this video made by the pro sex workers rights activist Norma Jean Almodovar:

    Reality is that the persons prostitutes hate more are policemen (and poliwomen too). They never help them, in fact they use thlegal status of prostitution to blackmail them. I don’t think our politiciands dont know this, in fact I think police are kinda innocent bcause they get orders from above. Absence of a regulation means that public powers have no limitation, that they can do what they want. And this is what happens, having prostitution as an illegal/alegal activity, prostitutes are defenseless against any abuses as u have said. And this abuses come, time after time, from our own authorities. Here in Spain around 90% prostitutes pay police a huge part of their incomes to LET THEM WORK. It’s a very profitable busines from authorities because, in one and, they get much more money from prostitution that if this job had been legalized. And in the other hand they get all “black money” that it is not under any control or fiscalization so they can spend it in whatever they like.

    Well, u wanted an answer and u have got one. Do u like it 🙂

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