The War On Drugs

Let me start this out by saying I don’t do drugs, I have no interest in doing drugs. With that said, it is none of our business if other people want to do drugs. Whether their drug is alcohol,  weed, or even the heavier stuff, the fact remains they made a choice to do them, and the we can not tell them how to live their private life. When the only victim of the crime is the person committing the crime, it isn’t a crime. That’s would be like saying eating too much is a crime.

According to the federal database on crime, in 2011, over 20% of the people in jail were there for either drug possession or drug distribution.

Percentage of State and Federal Prisoners
Offense 1974 1986 1997 2000 2008 2010
Violent 52.5% 64.2% 46.4% 47.2% 47.3% 47.7%
Property 33.3% 22.9% 14% 19.1% 17.0% 16.7%
Drug 10.4% 8.8% 26.9% 25.3% 22.4% 21.7%
Public-order 1.9% 3.3% 8.9% 7.8% 11.9% 13.4%
Other/unspecified 2.0% 0.9% 3.7% 0.4% 1.2% 0.6%

1/5 of the prison population are in there for a victim-less crime. There were over 2 million people in total incarcerated in 2011.  1/5 of 2 million  is 400 thousand. According to this chart it costs on average about $47,000 to jail each prisoner. So if you do the math, that means America spent over $18 BILLION on non violent, victim-less crimes. Seems like a waste to me. Prisons shouldn’t be used for social engineering. You cant use it to change people, and scare them out of using drugs. Despite the threat of jail time over 15 Million still smoke weed. Now some of those people smoke weed for medical reasons, but a lot of them smoke for recreation. Clearly people aren’t threatened by the idea of going to jail.

Not only is criminalizing drug use a waste of money, but in the case of weed, it also fails to utilize a great medical breakthrough. Weed has amazing medical qualities. It soothes pain and nausea, and has less side effects then common over the counter and prescription pain killers. It has worked wonders for people going through chemotherapy. Why would we outlaw possibly the best, and cleanest, painkiller there is. Not only is it natural, making it actually better for you then chemical pain killers. Yet the government outlaws it. Why? Is it that they are worried legalizing it would hurt the  pharmaceutical business? Maybe. Is it because the government is obsessed with Christian Values, which says these drugs are wrong? Sounds likely. What ever the reason is, its certainly a bunch of bullshit. Our government would rather waste the police force’s time, spend billions and taxpayers money, and infringe on our freedoms than simply just legalize drugs and not worry about it. I guarantee if drugs were legalized, crime would go down, How many gangs kill each other over drugs? How many drugs are smuggled across the border, leading to various other crimes. When you outlaw something, you build a black market for it. it happened with alcohol in the 1920’s, and its happening now with drugs. Take the power out of real criminals hands and legalize drugs. Cripple the black market, while saving billions of dollars. Sounds like a plan to me.


2 thoughts on “The War On Drugs

  1. justsaying says:

    Drug distribution is not a victim less crime. If people are taking drugs and they hurt themselve or others they are the victims in the crime

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